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Beverly Hills Court Reporting

Beverly Hills Court Reporters is a full service court reporting firm. We serve all of Beverly Hills, California and also provide services nationwide.

We provide realtime court reporting, regular court reporting, last minute depositions and CART services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

CART Provider

What is a CART provider? CART providers type everything a speaker is saying for the deaf and hard of hearing so that they can see the text of any speech in writing and participate in educational and event settings. CART is used in schools for students that are deaf or hard or hearing or at events where deaf or hard of hearing persons can read the text that a CART provider types in realtime.

CART providers provides on-site CART and remote CART services in Beverly Hills and nationwide.


Captioners provide captioning for live broadcasting of TV shows, movies, webcasts and webinars.

We also provide captioning for recorded TV shows and other broadcasts.

We also provide captioning of live sports events at stadiums.

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