About Beverly Hills Court Reporting

Beverly Hills Court Reporting & Legal Support Services

We offer Nationwide Court Reporting Services with a personal touch. We have performed reporting services for:

  • The U.S.House of Representatives;

  • U.S. Department of Justice

  • Federal Government clients;

  • Federal Court Systems;

  • Mayor Bloomberg’s Office of Disabilities;

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons;

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),

  • Museum of Modern Art,

  • Many law firms

  • and many other governmental, for profit and non-profit organizations.

At Beverly Hills Court Reporting we provide nationwide court reporting services from our New York offices located in the Empire State Building and additional offices in Beverly Hills, San Diego and Long Island.

We offer our local and nationwide conference rooms for meetings, corporate events and depositions for our clients.

Many of our locations also provide deposition video-conferencing capability.

We have hundreds of Court ReportersReal-Time Reporters with many years of experience available to handle all of your Court Reporting needs.

Our experience in Captioning & CART Services ensures you receive the best quality products and services with fast delivery to meet all of your programming, event and educational deadlines.

While Beverly Hills is a nationwide court reporting service, we also have offices in the following locations:Call Beverly Hills Court Reporting & Legal Support Services today at (877)871-2654; Contact Us or Schedule Your Deposition Online.

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